Gold Leaf Style is an online clothing boutique offering European fashion forward styles that haven’t been introduced to the main American Fashion Market.
Gold Leaf Style have planted its first seed of fashion years back in Europe.  The idea behind it was to give creativity, freedom and style to all!  The name suggests gold leafing your casual style with something more special, unique, and extraordinary.  "Where did you get your clothes?" is the expression among the ones who search for something more creative & individual in their daily wardrobe.  Our goal at GLS is to offer clothing that makes you feel contemporary, elegant and intelligent, all for an affordable price!  WE hope to become a part of your life!  With our constant attention to aesthetics & new trends, we'll earn your loyalty so GLS fashion will complete your essential elegance!
Peace & Love

As with everything, it takes a great collaboration of a team to create something, Gold Leaf Style is no exception. We truly appreciate everyone's hard work, great attitudes, care/passion and their valuable time they pour into making GLS, an outstanding clothing entrepreneurial venture.


Special THANKS to: Abrigo Martial Arts for making their studio available for our photoshoot,  Meadow Rose Photography for so such a creativity during the photoshoot making everything just picture-perfect, Lily and Alexis for their grace & professional modeling, Katy ("My Fancy Accessories" founder/designer) & Monisha ("BritMo" co-founder) for being such an amazing styling team, that worked above their expectations to plan every detail to perfection, beautiful Alona: our make-up artist who put magic touches to all of us and turned the glamour on, and Lauren who lent us her precious pomeranian Jake to spice the photoshoot a bit. There are many more amazing beings that contributed to creating Gold Leaf Style which I'll remain thankful forever. Here're some names that I would like to mention to complete the list: Maria Serfontine "Modern Saints Brand" founder/designer for her huge inspiration and resources, Terita "TMJ Models" founder for stepping in last minute and saving "the show", Kim (CurlyKimmyStar founder) for her never-ending support and to  all my friends for being available and caring, plus my loving kids for giving me purpose and drive!