What is Gold Leaf Style?
Welcome to Gold Leaf Style, a fashionable and unique boutique aimed to provide the best style for YOU: a one of a kind, beautiful individual that deserves to feel & look your best!
My name is Beata J. Dickens and I’m the founder & designer of Gold Leaf Style.  I’ve developed this store to provide others with a place where their interest in exceptional style can be satisfied.
Fashion and style have been part of my entire life.  Growing up in Europe,  I have traveled to different countries and was fascinated by the trends and changing fashion styles.  As an artist, I paid attention to details, and with my visual memory I tried to recreate new looks with specific garments. If I couldn’t find already made pieces of clothing, I would get the fabric, paint and hardware to assemble it myself.  It became a pattern, that each year coming back from my vacations (Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, England, etc) I would bring desirable styles back to share with my friends.  I have noticed how fashion changes from country to country depending on the location, culture and demands, but great style remained above all to be timeless.
As a designer alumni of few California Universities, I learned design principles and rules, so I could be ready to create style on my own.  Working as an Art Director, I have designed many brands, styles and advertising campaigns keeping a curious, creative and stylish eye on fashion!
I have been exposed to many styles from casual to business and everything in between.  Loving fashion and many great designers, I have always believed that money doesn’t buy style, that’s something you are born with.  As a classic quote from Edna Woolman Chase (first Vogue chief editor to put a fashion show together {1928}) said “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” 
My desire is to offer to all women a fashion style that makes them feel elevated, trendy and fresh.  Having a combined experience living in both Europe and USA, seeing variety of styles, understanding design trends through the artist's eye, I want to offer my knowledge to others and make a difference!
Fashion doesn’t have to hurt or cause pain to living beings, therefore with my enormous compassion for animals, I stay aware of materials and processes that I represent in my clothing.  Wild life has been my passion since I was a small child, I have always wanted to help animals.  Now, I feel like combining all good causes together and spreading it to the World by planning the seeds of goodness and compassion for all to benefit from.
Gold Leaf Style offers European Fashion forward styles that haven’t been introduced to the main American Fashion Market yet.  The choice of clothes you can find in my store will represent casual with an extra elegant twist style offered at reasonable prices for every woman who wants to feel special in everyday tasks.  The outfits are specifically, carefully and stylishly put together to allow the customers to possess not just fashion but styleEach piece of garment is particularly matched and styled to create the whole look, representing new trends in Europe mixed with American fashion influence and needs.  High quality, exceptional style and early accessibility of European trends set Gold Leaf Style apart from others.
The store features variety of clothing styles for any woman, whether in their teens or eighties, to feel great, stylish and confident!  Gold Leaf Style will deliver timeless demands of the fashion world to the ones who need it, search it or want it.  Every season will be well-researched  and the results offered to everyone.

“Style is a way of life” here at Gold Leaf Style (GLS).

Peace, and Love to All ;-)